What type of pets do you see?

We see cats and dogs.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No. Your pet will be evaluated as quickly as possible upon arrival. If your pet is critical it will be seen immediately ahead of less critical patients. If your pet is stable it will be seen in the order of arrival.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, verified checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Care Credit.

Do you offer billing?

Payment is due when services are rendered. We do have an option for financing through Care Credit (www.carecredit.com).

What will the wait time be?

Delays may occur with an increased volume of emergency cases, especially on the weekends and holidays. Delays will occur when the veterinarian is interrupted by an emergency surgery or involved with a critical patient. The veterinarian spends as much time as necessary to properly attend to each and will determine the priority of cases based on the needs of each patient. All patients will be attended to as soon as reasonably possible.

Do you have access to my pet’s records at my primary veterinarian?

No. We only have the medical records established at our hospital available for access.

Can I call for advice when my family veterinarian is closed?

When you cannot reach your family veterinarian, we welcome calls about your pet’s immediate health concerns. If there are concerns about your pet’s condition, we may advise you to bring in your pet for an examination. We cannot diagnose or treat over the phone. We will ensure that you know the location, emergency room fee, and the anticipated wait time.

Can you recommend medications over the phone?

In order to recommend medications we must first establish a patient/doctor relationship. We cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions over the phone.

Can you refill medications for my pet?

We normally advise you to contact your family veterinarian for the refill of medications. If you a have a concern feel free to contact us for further advice.

Do you offer vaccinations or other routine care?

Our services are limited to serving our emergency and critical care patients. Please see our local daytime veterinarians page for area clinics that provide routine and preventative care.

Do you sell heartworm prevention or flea control?

No. Our pharmacy stock is limited to treating our critical care and emergent cases.

Do you accept strays or litters?

We accept injured or sick strays. The attending veterinarian will make the decision on the admission and subsequent treatment of the animal. We are unable to accept healthy strays or abandoned litters of puppies or kittens due to staffing and space issues. We recommend contacting a local rescue organization, humane society, or animal control (see our links page) for assistance with healthy strays.

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